Hello there! Halloween is just upon us and many of you are getting ready to enjoy this spooky holiday. For kids it’s a time to grab their bags and collect a bounty of delicious sweets. For adults it’s a time to finish whatever goodies are left over, if anything! These sweets are fine in moderation, but can increase your risk of cavities. Following these tips below will help keep sugar bugs away.

• Try and have treats after mealtimes. During these periods saliva flow is increased. This helps to cancel out the acid produced during mealtime and wash away food.
• Avoid hard and sticky candies that can stay on teeth for a long time.
• Snacking on a big bowl of candy can increase your exposure to sugars that bacteria use as fuel. Try to eat sweet snacks in moderation and avoid prolonged snacking sessions.
• Drinking water after sugary snacks helps to wash away excess sugars.
• Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and clean in between your teeth, especially during this spooky and fun-filled month.