It’s June and school is winding down. Happy Oral Health Month! Parents may miss school instruction, but year—round instruction is in your hands! Take the extra time when you are brushing and flossing to invite your children to watch. You may even want to bring the dog into the conversation.

Oral cavities are very common in pets and can be prevented by brushing their teeth with dog or cat safe toothpaste.  My dog has a love-hate relationship with his peanut butter toothpaste, but I know it’s important. He is a cute golden-doodle and as a dad I want him to be healthy!

If you haven’t seen a dentist recently, see one soon. Even if your teeth aren’t hurting, you may need some assistance from a dentist. We are here to help. When you are ready, give us a call at 707.623.9123 and let us know.

-Dr. Chris Roebken