You may have seen advertisements, or your favorite celebrities using all sorts of “natural” products to whiten their smile. It may be tempting to think of these products might be safe, or better than traditional whitening products found at the market that are approved by the American Dental Association, but in fact some of these natural products may cause more harm than good.
One of the most popular scrub now is activated charcoal. It appears as a black looking toothpaste. What makes teeth white is the first layer of the tooth called enamel. Abrasive scrubs, such as activated charcoal, can actually remove enamel and leave your teeth appearing more yellow. In addition, there is no scientific evidence to suggest these products whiten teeth.
Other popular natural products such as coconut oil or turmeric are used by those looking for a bright smile. There is just no evidence to prove that any of these products have any whitening benefit. Lastly a few other natural products people use are orange or lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar. All of these products have relatively high concentrations of enamel, and increase your chances of cavities and tooth sensitivity.
If you are serious about whitening your smile, let us know. The products we use for in office whitening, and our take home products are effective and safe when used as directed. If you have any questions about tooth whitening, give the office a call (707)-623-8123. We would love to give you more reasons to smile!

-Dr. Chris Roebken