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TMD Treatment

TMD occurs when your bite is not properly aligned. It can cause the jaw to experience unnatural stresses and prevent it from resting properly when your mouth is closed. If you have TMD, you may have noticed a clicking noise when you chew, speak, or yawn; you may even experience pain and discomfort during […]

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Bad Breath

Halitosis is the scientific term for bad breath, which can result from poor dental habits and may be a sign of problems with your teeth. It can be worsened by foods we eat and other lifestyle habits. The dentist and the dental team can help you identify the cause of bad breath and, if […]

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Types of Toothpaste

If you have ever spent time in the dental care aisle at the store, you have probably noticed there are an infinte number of brands and flavors of tooth paste. Here are a few types to consider next tiem you are out shopping for your teeth!
Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel on your teeth; […]

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Tooth Discoloration

Many adults struggle with tooth discoloration and find it embarrassing to show off their teeth in a smile. Once you identify the cause of your tooth discoloration, there are treatment options that can restore your teeth and your confidence. There are a host of factors that may cause your teeth to discolor. Some are […]

Tooth Grinding

Patients tell us all the time they didn’t know they were grinding their teeth; it is often a parent or spouse that notices it due to the noise that occurs when teeth grind together. For many patients grinding is a habit and a mechanical reflex. According to the American Dental Association, this is the […]

Dental Infections

Dental infections can be very serious; sometimes, they develop into a life-threatening situation. Cavities are caused by acid-generating microorganisms that deposit themselves on teeth surfaces. Over time, acid erodes tooth enamel, compromising tooth strength. The major culprit or cause of cavities is sweets, but even diet soda plays a substantial role in tooth erosion, […]

Gum Recession

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that your teeth looked longer? Does it seem like your gums are shrinking? This condition is called recession—many adults have it. Let’s look at some of the causes and what you can do about it.

During your routine dental visits, our dental hygienist takes measurements to […]


Molars are made up of canyons, caves, pits, and seemingly endless caverns that are a breeding ground for decay. The protective solution is a sealant. When done correctly, a sealant can be most effective in preventing cavities.

A sealant is made up of composite (a plastic-like) material that contains bonding agents to seal to the […]

Sleep Apnea

Are you drowsy during the day without any explaination? Do you snore at night, or find yourself waking up short of breath in the middle of the night? If so, you might be one of twelve million Americans affected by sleep apnea!
What is sleep apnea?
Sleep apnea is a condition where your breathing stops during […]

Canker Sores & Cold Sores

Lots of people have experienced some form of mouth sores or irritation. Some mouth sores are harmless and go away on their own after a few days, while others are more serious and should not be ignored. Mouth sores occur for many different reasons, but bacterial infections, viruses, or funguses often trigger them. The […]

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